Workshop with Us!

The Writer's Block is a Steemit community that meets on Discord. If you're unfamiliar with Steemit and Discord, don't feel left out! Most of us didn't know anything about this whole concept, either, at first. Steemit is a new kind of social media built on blockchain technology, with its own form of cryptocurrency that exchanges for most traditional currencies.  Discord is a live voice and text chat service. So we post stories on our blogs on Steemit, hope they earn some money, then go talk about Steemit (and a little bit of everything else) in the Workshop on Discord.

What We're into These Days

This website contains mostly private content, and serves as a repository of informational articles and links. However, we have plenty of features for the public, too. Our entire main menu is public, so please click the links and see what we're sharing. If you want to sample the excellent fiction coming from the Steemit platform, we have the SFT Library, which is a growing collection of curated works from the Steemit community, and Steemshelves, which contains non-curated collections of work by individual authors, both fiction and non-fiction.

Steemit has turned out to be a wonderful place for writers, whether their wheelhouse is nonfic, novels, poetry, or screenplays. Expect great things to come from this new form of social media. Those of us with The Writers' Block are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of this innovation.

Some thoughts for people interested in critiquing the work of others . . . .

If you're interested in joining Steemit, check it out here. 

We do have our own onboarding options, so message us in Discord and we can help!