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TWB Halloween Writing Contest


Festering brainless zombies hunting for human flesh. Malevolent witches preying on the souls of lost children. Scary ghouls, ghosts, and poltergeists that go bump in the night. Psychopathic serial killers with diabolical methods of despatching their poor victims. Ferocious werewolves prowling the dark woods and misty moors. Soulless aliens intent on human dominion. Vampiric parasites with an insatiable thirst for human blood. Bring them all!


Who among you can scare us the most? Halloween is in just a little over two weeks time and @thewritersblock is putting out a challenge to scare our pants off with the most blood curdling tales.


We are looking for solidly written, well presented and original stories of around 2000 words. To enter, authors should post their story on their own blog, and then submit a link below in the replies to this post.


The Writers’ Block shall judge the winners. There will be three prizes:


1st place will receive 20 Steem

2nd place will get 10 Steem

3rd place will be rewarded with 5 Steem


This contest ends at midnight UTC on October 30th. Many thanks to @curie for sponsoring our writing contests.





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