Steemhouse Publishing

Since the early days of The Writers’ Block, when we were still a single channel on a much larger server, we’ve been incubating the idea of a Steemit-centric publishing house created around the blockchain and powered by cryptocurrency. Several of us affiliated with The Writers’ Block have a background in traditional and self-publishing, as authors, editors, and contributors. We know enough about the industry to recognize a tremendous opportunity to bridge the gap between the newest wave of social media platforms and mainstream markets.

If you’re interested in reading more about our ideas for this, we recently published a post on Steemit from The Writers’ Block account that goes into more detail. CLICK HERE for a closer look at the concept.

… in the early 1990s, the internet democratized the world of publishing. You still couldn’t get a book bound by any of the Big 5, but many unheard-of writers were able to reach around them and connect with the outside world. And this new publishing democracy was great for a while. Until we realized that every single writer in the world was doing this. After a short time, it became impossible (again) to get noticed, not because of a top-down, centralized system not allowing anyone in, but by an opened floodgate allowing everyone in.

Nobody published or everyone published: what’s the solution to this conundrum? A level playing field in a decentralized market.

READ MORE about the topic of decentralized publishing in a recent Steemit post by The Writers’ Block.