Don’t Miss The Fun! Steem Wars Needs YOU!


Folks at the Writers Block have been having a heck of a good time with Steem Wars. From naked starship pilots to flying wardrobes to the infamous lethal boob squish, things get stranger and funnier with every post.


Steem wars is a writing challenge that starts with prompts from Dr. Muxx the Time Lord. Each crew, consisting of four to six members, writes intersecting stories about their adventures. Crews are themed, usually a mashup of different sci-fi franchises that are parodied into some of the most hilarious scenarios you will ever read.


We’re having so much fun with it we think it’s a shame that more people out in the Steemiverse aren’t joining the party. We need readers, and yes—as crew members! Not much of a writer? Bring your other skills to the table. We’re enjoying a rather large number of artistic contributions to this as well. From hand-drawn sketches to schematics to full-on 3D renders, our characters and worlds are coming alive. We’re even planning some audio posts using voice actors. If you’re creative, you can almost certainly participate!


All you have to do is drop into the Writers’ Block Welcome Center by clicking this link. Tell our hosts that you are here for Steem Wars and they’ll give you a special role that lets you access the Steem Wars Channels. Then go to “Recruitment” and give us a little info about yourself. If we don’t have an opening on an existing crew, we’ll start forming a new one!


Here are the crews we have writing their way through the galaxy so far.



MISSION: A distress signal has been detected in the Quadrangular Quadrant. Source unknown, species unknown. Take thine crew and investigate / rescue / dominate whoever it is disturbing the galactic peace.

CREW: tanglebranch, negativer, caleblailmusik, jasonbu



MISSION: Your mission, should you accept it, is to visit Whoopass 5 and meet with a delegation of Xripaq leaders. The Steem does not know why, but it is vital to our survival. This message will not self destruct after 5 seconds, that would be silly.

CREW: rhondak, katrina-ariel, anarcho-andrei, catherine813, gnomed0


RS Flying Wardrobe

MISSION: A closing down sale is about to start in the Zzzzzzqqww quadrant. Fill your ship with bargains and await further orders. Or. Bad. Things. Will. Happen.

CREW:  bex-dk, tinypaleokitchen, damien jay clay, thinkinzombie, sevencolorsamurai, and and jonknight.



MISSION: A spherical alien probe is drifting in orbit around the planet Shaquille. It was programmed to be xenophobic, and attacks any approaching spacecraft. Deal with it.

CREW: anike-kirsten, dbzfanforawhile, hazem91, foxfiction, hispeedimagins, jayna, and trubble.


Rogue Geeks

MISSION: The Lord Chancellor of Spewm F4F has a mission for your motley crew. His daughter, the Princess Dave, is to marry the High Prince King of Tubular Waive to cement trade agreements. Ensure she/he arrives safely, well dressed and sober.

CREW: obi-wan carnobi, raiserxn, xanderslee, deadgirlsuppastar, and nostone-unturned


Here’s a sample Steem Wars post. There is much more where this comes from! Tune in and have some laughs with us.



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