Minimalist Writer Packs Maximum Talent

Big shout-out today for one of our members and moderators, @shadowspub. Recently, she wrote and shared her first attempt at fiction. Quite frankly, she blew us all away.

Her second effort was in response to a “Drop in the Ocean” writing prompt issued by @buddyup. She brought her early draft of this vignette to our Writers Workout workshop several days ago during an exercise in evoking emotion. We knew right away that she had created something outstanding.


Writing With Style

Shadowspub writes with a distinctly minimalistic style. Her prose is sparse and punchy, much like that of celebrated American short fiction author Amy Hempel. She draws inspiration from life, capturing brief moments of time that illustrate much larger themes.

Literary minimalism is a popular style in which the writer seeks to convey as much information as they can with as few words as possible. It doesn’t incorporate lengthy description or exposition, leaving much to the reader’s own imagination. Minimalistic writing tends to be very immediate, in the moment, and often mimics the fragmented nature of informal speech or internal thought.

It’s Drafty In Here

The secret to producing standout fiction does not lie in the ability to put words on paper. While that’s a necessary first step, the truth is much more formulaic than many writers want to accept. The magic lies in the editing, typically a combination of ruthless self-editing and several rounds of line-by-line deconstruction by someone other than the writer, preferably someone with experience. If drafting a piece is ten percent of the work, editing is the other ninety. It is definitely not an afterthought.

Shadows put her short piece of fiction, “Love Never Ending,” through the grinder multiple times. After she and the workshoppers at TWB felt it was strong enough to publish, she submitted it as a response to the Buddyup writing prompt, “love.” That’s when her hard work and attention to detail paid off. “Love Never Ending” was the top-voted post for the week in their “Drop in the Ocean” writing challenge.

Congratulations, Shadowpub! You earned that honor.

Read her lovely work of short fiction HERE.


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