The Power of Three

By: @jasonbu

Last month we made an announcement regarding the The Writers’ Block and our Triangle Theory. It was a big step forward for the team and The Writer’s Block community. It’s no coincidence that the Rule of Three is also a writing principle. The Rule of Three points to a trio of events or characters being more effective than any other combination of numbers for engaging the reader.

Triangle, Front-End, Toronto

Do I have your attention?

The Triangle Theory

The Triangle Theory (thank you, @SirCork) was introduced at the Gatlinburg, TN. meeting and it postulated three points of entry. Those three points form our triangle: The Writers’ Block Discord, the new site (a.k.a Front-End), and Steemhouse Publishing. The information flow is multi-directional. New users can come to us through TWB workshops and progress to the site and publishing house. We expect those to be primarily from Steemit, although anyone is welcome.

Triangle Theory: Where We Go Next


The Front-End

At the same offsite meeting (Gatlinburg, TN) we announced that we had connected with @instructor2121 and did a deep dive on his latest project, which is building customized front-end templates for the Steem blockchain.

We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes with @eturnerx and @instructor2121 on the design of our new front-end. We will be looking forward to sharing some exciting news on that aspect of the triangle. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be spinning up the beta (or “standing it up” @anarcho-andrei).

We have acquired our domain name and have finalized the logo (stay tuned for more on that.) We’ve moved forward on determining the direction of the front-end layout and features.



We are getting pretty excited as we head towards September. If you have any questions regarding the front-end, feel free to reach out to me on Discord (Jasonbu (Dr. Electrostien)#7143)

And the Stars Align….


I don’t know what to say other than some things are just meant to be. The Steem Creators Conference and SMT Summit is taking place in Toronto.

Like I said: it is meant to be. We’ll be at the Conference en vigueur et prêt (ready and in force). @rhondak is on the speakers list, @gmuxx is making the trip across the pond and I, @jasonbu, happen to live spitting distance from Toronto (again the threes.)


Toronto International Exhibition – @Jasonbu

It is truly going to be an international affair.

Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to come to the conference where all of this hard work and preparation will come to culmination. We’ll be sharing some incredible information in the upcoming weeks as we lead up to the conference.

Toronto in September: The Steem Creators Conference and SMT Summit

TWB in Toronto!


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